Vote to support your Forest Grove City Library

One of the two measures on your November mail-in ballot is of vital importance to your Forest Grove City Library.

Measure 34-235 renews a serial levy that provides one third of the funding for Washington County Cooperative Library Services. WCCLS is the source for more than two thirds of all library funding in Washington County and fully 70% of the budget for our city library. About one quarter of our library’s operating budget is dependent on replacement of this levy which will expire in June 2016.

The levy will enable continuation of:

  • Library hours of operation.
  • Children’s programs that promote school readiness and keep kids reading through the summer.
  • Purchase of books and other resources.

The current property tax rate for the WCCLS levy is 17 cents per thousand dollars assessed valuation. The proposed levy rate would be 22 cents. Passage of this levy measure will raise your property tax rate 5 cents per $1000 of evaluation. However, Forest Grove’s 1998 Capital bond is being paid off in 2016, and this will lower your tax rate. About 8 cents of that reduction was the part of the bond measure devoted to expanding our library building. In total, we can keep our library healthy with a yes vote and the library part of your property tax rate will still decline by 3 cents.

The proposed levy is the first rate increase requested in 10 years.

A yes vote supports all libraries in Washington County, which we all can use, and it also provides vital support to the library in Forest Grove.

For more information, see the WCCLS website and People for Libraries.

Forest Grove supports library funding

All the precincts in Forest Grove voted in favor of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services local option levy, measure 34-180, in the November 2 election.
Only four precincts in all of Washington County did not vote for the five year funding.  In all, over 118,000 county voters approved the measure.
This five year serial levy continues the property tax rate of the expiring WCCLS levy, 17 cents per thousand dollars assessed valuation.